Abel Noodles

Abel, also known as Noodles, is a Scrafty from Haruba Village. His ability is Shed Skin.

History Edit

Abel was born to Adam of Haruba Village and Eve of Boyleland some 25 years prior to the events of SaD.

He was raised on a farm to the east of the village, working the fields with the help of his younger brother, Cain. He would spend his free time by the docks of Haruba, socializing with, learning from, and helping sailors who would make land there, occasionally trading some extra crops for useful items such as Mareep wool blankets or extra tools.

Approximately 10 years prior to the events of SaD, while he was still a Scraggy, he had met a female Scrafty from the Haruba Desert, Jezebel. After a dinner at the town Inn, she drugged him and took his innocence, scarring him for life and having him swear off women for the foreseeable future.

Two years later, he was traveling to the Hippowdon Temple with his father, when they were attacked by ferals. During the battle, his father summoned a sandstorm, yet was incapacitated. Abel fought on, however, and emerged victorious as the sandstorm faded. To his surprise, when his father awoke in the temple, he was told he had evolved.

Seven years after, he set out on his journey to see the world, and the Hoenn Battle Frontier was his first stop. At the Frontier, he met Macy, Roxana, Drake, and Zoya. He developed a strong affection for Zoya, her courage, fighting prowess, and beauty had swayed him from his oath of ten years. After earning official symbols in all but one facility, he set off back to his hometown to tell his family of his victory, with Macy, Drake, and Zoya. He showed his newfound friends around town and the Temple, introducing them to his family, and settling a past grievance.

One night while Cain had wandered off to the Temple alone, despite his parents' warnings, he was met by Jezebel, who had attempted to lure him away, but Abel had found him just in time. Jezebel would not let her prize get away without a fight however, and she fought to the death, falling to Abel's hand, before a burial in the quicksand pits in the Haruba Desert.

This would not be the last seen of Jezebel, however, as she was the last soul needed to awaken a Spiritomb underneath Hippowdon Temple, which Abel and Zoya would find after Adam was delivered a warning from the heavens. They fought bravely, putting the vile spirits to rest for good.

Afterwards, he and the Battle Frontier group would head to Sinnoh, meeting Mursa, Voltali, and Koji, among others. He taught Mursa and Voltali how to farm berry plants and helped fight off a mysterious assassin who was after the Absol, while parting ways with Macy as she fell for Koji.

The next stop would be for Kalos again, though he would part ways with Drake as well, leaving him with just Zoya. At sea, however, a storm had struck the ship, with the current party being forced off the ship by a stray rope. A wave crashed down upon the two, knocking them both out.

An unknown amount of time later, he awoke on a beach in eastern Unova, without a clue where he was. He would meet up with a familiar-seeming blue Mienfoo named Nika, who in reality was Zoya with amnesia. After travelling to Humilau, Abel was determined to find Zoya, and so he thought of the only place he knew to look for her, and that was Umber Mountain Refuge, Zoya's home. Here, he met Katyushka, Zoya's mother. Seeing her mother again caused Nika to snap out of her amnesia and return to being Zoya. Here he also met Zoya's childhood friend, Bryan.

Personality Edit

Abel is a kind soul, hardworking and helpful, he wishes to see the world and eventually win the heart of his love, Zoya. He is a tad cynical, however, due to his betrayal.

Fighting Style Edit

Abel is the classic example of a tank. He tries to take the damage so his friends don't have to, being able to take quite a beating, though his offensive prowess suffers a little. He is not to be underestimated, however, as he has quite a wide range of moves with many different effects.

Moveset Edit Edit

Move Effect
Dragon Dance Producing lightning and fire from his fingers, Abel launches in to an ancient dance, increasing his physical strength while also hastening himself.
Ice Punch Frost swirls around a fist as Abel strikes with the might of the North Star!
Crunch Abel opens his rather large maw, clamping down on his enemy.
Rest Taking a hit can cause fatigue, and so Abel takes a nap, restoring his health, while putting him to sleep. He's a bit of a light sleeper though, as he can shed in his sleep, awakening him.
Zen Headbutt With focus taught to him by long days in the fields, he slams his crest in to his foe, possibly causing them to flinch.
Iron Tail A quick whip with his heavy tail can inflict quite a bit of damage, possibly lowering the enemy's defensive capabilities.
Thunder Punch With a fist imbued with the power of lightning, Abel slams his opponent, possibly inflicting paralysis.
Poison Jab Abel spits venom on to his fist, slamming it in to his opponent! Used almost exclusively against Fairies.

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