Alanna is a Midnight Lycanroc who can make sure you get a nice punch to the face. She has Keen Eyes.

History Edit

A witch from Alola who laughs at any attempt of fighting her. She's looked into the old legends of the past every now and then, having decided to 'catch' a Zoroark so she could learn such lovely illusions too. It took years, but she has managed to become just as good as one with increasing hostility.

She makes sure to set her sights higher and higher, aiming for extra-special abilities. She's sure she can achieve immense power.

Personality Edit

Alanna is just plain unrestricted. No matter what, she cares not for morals or anything that does not please her. Due to the continuous turbulence of the world, she makes very sure her stealing of others are low-profile. Very crass and rude, she wants to have fun at increasing risk to her health and others' well-being. She's also quite naughty and loves to...initiate a few things with the people she takes back to her 'home'.

Her livelihood consists mainly of studying very dangerous subjects, and it's rumored she may have driven Roxana's family to such lunacy in experiments. At most, you might make her not want to hurt you. She has no respect for others and sees them as mainly things to get ahead or use. Her fighting style is also savage like a tribal warrior, having fondness for ancient blades and weapons used by ancient natives.

Fighting Style Edit

Using the power of mother earth, Alanna makes threats with rock weaponry and her studied abilities from the Zoroarks. Although it's not perfect, she can really make it work as she holds up rocks to impale and rip apart the other person with. Her body is also quite sturdy, and she loves to attack back when someone hits her for a deathblow. She is very capable of overpowering someone. She uses her 'wiles' as well, promises of sex or children when she finds someone she particularly likes.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Stone Edge Her main move, Stone Edge makes both giant splinters of rock shoot out from below or above, or fashions weapons made of rock and buried steel. She spares no one.
Odor Sleuth Uses her powerful nose to sniff out the enemy, as well as their possessions. It's rumored she can smell your soul or what you're like...
Counter A very hard retaliation using something from her body to damage the enemy without much effort.
Rock Slide AoE Attack, but also makes sure NO ONE ESCAPES.
Fire Fang Using her mouth, she bites into the opponent with a wide, crazy grin. Her hot fangs burn bright.
Thunder Fang Using her mouth, she bites into the opponent with a wide, crazy grin. Her glowing fangs shock severely. She also uses it for more...crude methods.
Bulk Up She focuses her spirit and body to muscle up, growling intently. This raises ATK and DEF.
Crunch Munch munch.

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