Angie is a Simisear from Reversal Mountain. Her cooking skills are second to none, and her ability with small blades and weapons have given her the title of Hell's Kitchen. Her ability is Blaze.

History Edit

Angie was born in the lushness of Pinwheel Forest. Her childhood was fairly simple, growing up in a dysfunctional home with rude parents. They both loved Angie, but hated everyone that wasn't them. After a few Castelians started getting uppity due to their nonsense, Angie had no choice but to move. Angie's parents were murdered quite horribly once she left on her own, and her parents foolishly decided to stay back. Ever since then, she keeps herself mostly in check so as not to befall the same fate.

While in Reversal Mountain, she decided to start learning how to defend herself, even bothering to step up her banter game. Soon, she relocated away from Unova after getting strong enough to defend herself, meeting Bethany and Raizel and forming a group with them.

Personality Edit

Angie's polite and helpful. She likes to be the one of the trio who has her head on straight and tries not to intimidate people. But God above help you if you decide to put down her cooking too much. She loses it, getting a glasgow grin and quite the tense atmosphere. Make sure you only give constructive criticism, or you might just meet a broiling. Angie makes sure to practice both cooking and fighting every day.

Angie doesn't really talk much to people, but she is friendly enough to approach. In terms of character, she's the most trustworthy out of the three, but all of them won't mess with you unless you mess with them.

Fighting Style Edit

Angie uses a heavy mixture of cutlery, kitchen items, and flammable items to seize victory. However, when it comes to fire, it's extremely wise not to stand too close. With Flame Burst and Incinerate, she can put on quite the deadly show. Her moves are based around crowd control and destruction, and she'd love to cook a particularly difficult opponent to death. Her moves and quick thinking with items see her through, as she is a master of an armed style.

However, the remaining moves she has are quite sneaky... If there seems to be a problem with achieving victory, she won't hesitate to start intimidating the opponent. This means even snacking on a dead (and cooked) wildling or enemy opponent. She's quite okay with having to do 'ugly' things to get her point across.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Flame Burst A broiling move with quite a wide spread. Pairing this with Incinerate means that it becomes like a happy festival firework of death. She won't hesitate to use this move to start wiping out multiple people.
Incinerate That berry set you had is no longer usable. Angie makes sure you're not going to employ her same tricks by making it so your tricks won't even be a thing.
Nasty Plot By far one of the most dangerous users of Nasty Plot, Angie will be making sure to think how you taste as you burn to the ground.
Solar Beam One of the big things about Angie is that she's not adverse to waiting for something to cook. Therefore, a nice Solar Beam will make those pesky Water types think twice about making fun of her.
Recycle While she's never been one to waste food or items, sometimes you just gotta have it be necessary. Feel the burn of molten kitchenware as she keeps producing a near infinite supply.
Rock Tomb You're not getting away, and any Fire types who think they can outdo her have a very, very rude awakening incoming.
Dig Sometimes a monkey needs an escape plan. Sometimes they just need a more frightening way to kill you.
Heat Wave There is nothing scarier than the power of heat.

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