Bethany is a female Simipour spotted occasionally wearing a red hibiscus flower in her hair. Using her many talents, she is known as a herbal doctor with the ability to temper berries into very effective cures. Her Ability is Torrent.

History Edit

Bethany was raised by none other than herself. Her parents were more or less too lax, so using the innate knowledge of the Simi trio's overall cooking ability, she managed to raise herself. Bethany has led a simple life, possibly too simple. She's looking for other venues in which to occupy her time outside of relaxing in her house all day.

Outside of hunting the various wildlife with her associates and crafting new ways to fight, Bethany has taken to the sea waters to attempt to surf. The waters around Sinnoh are odd to her, but she finds a way to make it work. Currently, she works as a herbal medicine specialist and tropical style aficionado.

Personality Edit

Bethany is a relaxed individual who prefers to keep some secrets. She is chilled, but she knows when to get angry and take action. Bethany is quite deceptive in her more aggressive mannerisms. At any moment, it feels like she could strike. Her temper is more of a calm dissonance. Even when annoyed or angry, the most she'll do is frown. When happy or overjoyed, she's very expressive in her movements. When enraged, Bethany opens her eyes and bares her teeth, showing off her extremely sharp glare along with her hardy chompers.

She doesn't like to talk about her family or her friends. The most you could gather from her on that subject is 'they're people'. Even with her friends, she doesn't really discuss them all that much. She is more open to sharing history though.

Fighting Style Edit

Bethany's fighting style is all about overwhelming the opponent and keeping herself alive. Every move she makes is to keep the opponent reeling and herself to be fairly unharmed, even without her trademark berries to keep her safe. She learned a type of fighting from her brother, in a vein of deceptive fighting and for handicapping herself against intruders or people she doesn't want dead. She puts one arm behind her back to spring the appearance of a lackadaisical monkey, then delivers a filthy blow using her right fist to an area of her choice.

Her most famous strategy is the fact that she can make portable baths. Using various items and berries, she can temper the baths to be of varying conditions. For example, a Sitrus bath would be relaxing and sweet to allow the person to recover HP. Likewise, the juices and waters can be tempered the same way...

Her moveset options allow her to boost and set up plenty of options to keep herself moving for as long as possible. Like the waves, if Bethany hesitates, she won't survive the onslaught.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Ice Beam A hardy move which can do no wrong. Bethany forms a beam of cold in her hands, and releases it at the foe. Bethany can also use this move to flash-freeze the ground or air. She can also make objects out of ice, like a Surfboard.
Nasty Plot Bethany starts thinking hateful thoughts to get her mind psyched up to murder. Using her quick thinking, her special attack power rises by two stages and gives her a general idea of what to do.
Aqua Ring This move lets Bethany make a protective ring around herself which soothes her from wounding and fixes her body. It also prevents her from being burned. Using berries, Bethany can change the Aqua Ring to create a lasting effect depending on the berry.
Surf This move is for major crowd clearing, or an unorthodox escape where Bethany makes a Surfboard, then tries to surf over an enemy and into safety.
Scald A move based solely on dealing damage, Bethany sprays hot water from her mouth, tail, or head which really can cause severe skin burns and heavy pain. Combining this with a flash-frozen battlefield will lead to interesting results.
Acrobatics If Bethany's out of berries and items, she can fling herself at the enemy for some heavy damage. Her swift movements can also provide escape, or a swift attack to the person's body.
Gunk Shot Bethany pulls out trash from...somewhere and aims it at the opponent. Her secret weapon against Grass types, and its wise not to underestimate how fast she can throw it.
Recycle Bethany uses this move to repair certain items or give herself more berries to eat. It's very wise not to underestimate her to begin with, but this move takes the cake.

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