Champo is the imp of chaos. All those who are his enemy shall be slain. He is a Fluffy pink demon.

History Edit

A group of Stuffuls and Bewears devote themselves to hiding away from people. One Bewear didn't like how passive they were in not hunting the surrounding wildlife as they were continuously bullied and picked off. Champo, that is, his supposed name, started to indiscriminately murder anything that wasn't a Bewear or Stufful. Anything that came into contact with the troupe with intent to harm was immediately beaten and slain as easy as it is to breathe. Champo knows no better. He must fight. He must harm and hunt. After multiple massacres caused by Champo and his siblings, they made him leave to go elsewhere. In his absence, they constructed an amusement park town simply known as 'Bewearland'.

Champo knows no boundaries, and still continues to meet people and hunt things that harm him to this day.

Personality Edit

Champo is strong, silent, and absolutely odd. Whatever it may be that causes his immense violence spree, he doesn't seem to mind blood or gore in heavy quantities. He carries around makeshift weaponry and healing items as he works his beautiful magic across the land in glorious sin. He is upbeat, and it's immensely hard to read his emotions. When not aggroed, Champo is a kind soul who will continuously water flowers or enjoy flowing water in many states. He loves to sit for literal days at waterfalls, lakes, rivers, or ornate-looking fountains, especially streams that flow out of rock faces.

Champo almost never speaks. If he speaks, it's because he wants to be heard. His actual voice is unknown because he bounces from very-high pitched and cute, to an array of toy squeaks, honks, and laughs, to a very deep and intimidating voice. His stare is continuously placid. It almost seems completely unchanging until angered, at which point his eyes seem to either bulge out more or get red dots in the middle of his 'pupils'. Like many Bewears, he possesses the ability to break bones as if they were poorly made glass. He does so either absentmindedly, or out of pure malice and wanting to see his attacker suffer in immense pain. His weapon of choice is a very crude-looking greatsword that has seen many a bloodstain on its blade, though he loves to use his body to attack as well.

Fighting Style Edit

A godless mix of brutality and MMA forged from watching those pathetic Fighting types before they tried to assert dominance on Champo. Mix in the occasional Claw attack to slice a face, and Champo becomes obscenely deadly. He tackles, dashes, swings his sword, punches, kicks, suplexes, and even bear-hugs the opponent into critical condition. There is no set style Champo uses as most of it is used to extensively harm or kill people. He almost looks like he doesn't even feel pain...

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Hammer Arm Punch make enemy start making broken noises. Another one make them go sleepy-bye. Champo need rest, but not important.
Aerial Ace Using speed that should not ever be possible for a Bewear, this makes movement completely trivial. For Fighting types, they might suddenly be asking where their limbs are.
Bulk Up Champo tightens his fluffy body and makes it more durable and 2x more dangerous to even be near him.
Brutal Swing Using the power of his inner-most hate for anything resembling a face, Champo swings around the battlefield with giant, darkish arms that are almost indistinguishable from his own. Anyone, allies, enemies, whatever, if they don't duck, they are in for pain.
Return Champo administers a punch and kick rush mixed with claw swipes not seen since a Ryo Sakazaki combo video. His most devastating attack given it operates at max power, and feels like it came from a semi-truck. It can also be administered in the form of a loving hug which will cause heavy damage to the user's spine or body.
Stomping Tantrum Champo throws a huge fucking fit. When his previous move misses, Champo has full right in this move to do double damage with it and make them regret being alive or even sentient enough to process pain.
Shadow Claw Fairies and Ghost coverage, but his claws can seriously cut a face. Not to be messed with, one wrong move might mean the difference between life and death.
SWORD Champo uses his big fuckoff sword to tell the enemy to die please.

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