Dusty is a Male Lycanroc Midnight Forme. Serving as an antagonist, his ability is No Guard.


Dusty hails from Poni Island in the Alola Region. Born and raised in its Vast Poni Canyon, he was originally named Dustin, and lived with his mother and father. Being born with his father's Hidden Ability, Dustin was well adept at battle, and helped him gather food during their hunts together.

Of course, life in the canyon was never perfect, not only for Dusty's family, but for all of the Pokemon living there. Being divided into four different areas, the four groups always fought over both territory and hunting grounds. Dustin's father was sometimes called to the front lines along with other males of the village to ward off the rival tribes. Every time Dustin would plead with his mother to let him go with his father, but she refused each and every single one of his pleas, instead curling up with him and telling the Rockruff not to worry. 

However, on one fateful day, the rival Kommo-o leader that ruled over one of the areas made his move on Dustin's village, tired of their paltry autumn gatherings. He summoned all of his fellow Hakamo-o and Kommo-o bretheren, and laid waste to the group of Rock-type mons. Dustin's father was slaughtered alongisde the majority of the other warriors, and he and his mother were held prisoner with the other remaining survivors.

Forced into manual labor, Dustin worked in the grasses along with the other children, planting the few types of berries that would grow in the semi-arid environment, all while under the watchful eye of a Hakamo-o, who would beat them if they did not work efficiently or if the Dragon were simply in a bad mood. The feeling of every blow struck on him slowly pent up the Rockruff's anger and determination to escape his now miserable life, and on the evening of a full moon, he fled, managing to do so since their Dragon captors were celebrating with a drunken feast, courtesy of their slaves' grueling work.

Dustin ran, and ran, and ran, until he at last found himself in Poni Meadow, where he collapsed in the lush grass in a heap of tears and sweat, crying longingly for his mother as he passed out from his exhausting plight. When he awoke, he was startled by a Leavanny hovering over him, curious as to what a Rockruff was doing so far away from its natural habitat. Recounting his tale to the mantis, they listened intently, and when he was done, they offered to take him in as their son. Dustin didn't agree at first, saying he wanted to find someone who would teach him combat techniques so he could liberate his village, but was surprised when they winked and said they could teach him a few things. 

Over the course of the next few seasons, Dustin endured arduous training from their new mantis teacher. Oftentimes when they battled, all the bug had to do was use Air Slash to slice the air beneath the Rockruff to send him face-first into the dirt, as Dustin's instincts were always to pounce on an opponent first. Their instructor mocked them, his main line being "What's wrong, Dusty? You fell down again!" This would soon become Dustin's drive, to show his teacher that he could fight, that he could take his village back, that he was a warrior who would make his father proud by not making his sacrifice in vain.

Dustin began to get better at combat, and his teacher began to notice he had difficulty keeping up with the Rockruff, until one particular night. The night of a full moon. Dustin's eyes glowed a dim red, and he challenged his instructor once more. A bit hesitant to comply due to their fierce look, he eventually gave in after being cornered. He used his usual Air Slash, but having been so vigorously trained, Dustin dodged it with ease. Then, shaking violently, Dustin was suddenly wrapped in a white light, and howled as he evolved into a Lycanroc, his evolution being the Midnight Forme due to the late hour of the day.

The newly evolved Rockmon discovered his new attacks throughout the battle, using Counter to retaliate against their X-Scissor, using Stealth Rock to confine them to an even smaller radius, and Stone Edge to ultimately defeat his teacher. As the unconscious Leavanny laid out in the grass, Dustin went to his village to free his people from their nightmare, confident he would be able to wipe out every last one of his Dragon foes.

He was proven right as soon as they started fighting, as although the Hakamo-o and the Kommo-o had the type advantage, he had been trained by the Leavanny to deliver swift and powerful blows, something they lacked from their period of  not practicing their combat, cocky that no mon, much less a Rock-type, would ever best them. One after one, they fell, from a Counter, from a Frustration, from a Stone Edge, until at last, he took the head of the Kommo-o leader, and awooed as he held the severed flesh in the moonlit sky, his dream of being able to release his tribe from the Dragons finally a reality.

Dustin was seen as a hero from then on with his people, and although the group was small, it soon began to repopulate under his protection, his fellow mons now finally getting the proper amount of food needed after the Dragons had been slain. Dustin looked around his group, but found out that his mother had been killed by their former captors when she had tried to escape as well the night after he had escaped, worried sick about him. Tears welling up in his eyes, he raised a fist to the sky, and pledged that no matter what, he would never allow enemies to invade their village ever again, for he was Dusty, The Warrior of The Moon.

In the seasons since, Dusty has recruited his Leavanny teacher to be part of his tribe, and will occasionally traverse the other parts of Poni Island to "find other warriors that will help grow their small numbers". In reality, he hunts any and all Dragons he comes across, as his trauma prevents him from ever forgiving any Dragon whatsoever.  


Having a very disturbed childhood, Dusty is very violent and aggresive towards any Dragon-types. Generally speaking, he can be crude and uncaring, but underneath his white chest fluff, he has a heart that will stand up for those innocent beings who are picked on. Dusty can also be very immature, as having spent time with the Leavanny, he developed his sense of childish humor.

Fighting Style 

Dusty is all offense when it comes to fighting. Even when he takes a hit, he can launch an attack like Rock Slide without flinching at all. His ace move is Counter, as the majority of mons he fights use Physical moves, which he then uses their own power against them.  



Rock Slide

Stone Edge


Stealth Rock

Crush Claw 

Swords Dance


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