Jackie is a shy super-sized shiny Gourgeist who lives in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest.

Personality Edit

Jackie is more often than not super shy, her speech often devolving into quiet mumbles. However, when she's hungry she'll feel like offering hugs. Anyone dumb enough to fall for this will be caught in her purple hair-like arms, her cursed song the last thing the poor victim hears before she eats up all of whatever force keeps them alive.


Early LifeEdit

Long before Jackie had a name, she spent most of her time wandering the forest, often looking for something to eat lost wanderers. At some point, she came across an Egg unlike most she had come across before. This Egg in particular gave off an aura eerie enough that the Gourgeist decided that she'd rather have whatever was inside live with her than be her she placed the Egg inside the empty space in her gourd. And lo and behold, a Litwick broke free of the Egg upon reaching adulthood. The Gourgeist didn't think to give the Litwick a name, but later on they were known as Gour and Lit, respectively. But because Lit was still confined within the empty space in Gour's gourd, all that could be done was let Lit sit in there as the heat from her head caused the empty space to gradually grow bigger.

Since Introduction to the SaD crewEdit

Gour would continue looking for someone who could help Lit get out of her gourd's empty space. This led her to follow a group of Pokémon into the Old Chateau, wherein she found a bunch of books. She started reading them, somehow not noticing the sounds of a Granbull giving birth in the bathtub. Gour was probably too focused on learning or something. Anyway, she learned various things about humans, from holiday traditions to human politics. She and Lit thereafter decided to start calling themselves Jackie and Lantern, respectively. Sometime later, the two Ghosts started drinking cider together alongside an Absol and a Jolteon, an action that would lead to Lantern finally being free from being inside Jackie's gourd. Despite this, the two would rather keep living together. Since then, they worked toward making Eterna Forest a safe haven for Ghosts.

In BattleEdit

Jackie doesn't usually like to fight, instead preferring to resolve conflict peacefully. However, if push comes to shove, she'll try ensnaring the aggressor in her arms or, in desperate times, try to squash them. Geddit? Squash? ...Not funny? Okay then.

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