Lantern is a metaphorically outgoing shiny Litwick who lives in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest.

Personality Edit

Lantern seems more outgoing than her girlfriend. However, she isn't above eating the souls of Jackie's victims when she's hungry.


Main Article: Jackie#History

Early LifeEdit

Long before Lantern had a name, when she was a small child, she was left in her Egg somewhere in Eterna Forest. That egg was found by a shiny super-sized Gourgeist, who put the Egg inside the empty space in her gourd. Upon reaching adulthood, Lit broke free from her Egg, but she was still confined within the Gourgeist's gourd, leaving her unable to do much else than sit in there and make the space in the Gourgeist's gourd grow.

Since Introduction to the SaD crewEdit

The Gourgeist and the Litwick followed a group of Pokémon into the Old Chateau, where the Gourgeist found a bunch of books and started reading them. The two of them decided that they'd start calling themselves Jackie and Lantern, respectively. Later on, the two Ghosts got drunk alongside an Absol and a Jolteon. Upon being asked why she didn't just leave Jackie's gourd, Lantern insisted that she couldn't. She was then dared to try to walk out of the gourd, yet in an attempt to demonstrate that she couldn't leave the gourd, she fell out of the gourd's mouth-shaped hole. Despite being free from Jackie's gourd, Lantern decided she'd rather stay with Jackie, and the ghoulfriends shared a kiss. How cute.

Sometime before Jackie got sent into the new world, Lantern fucking died. I can't believe it.

In BattleEdit

Lantern doesn't fight often, but when she does, she uses the green-ish blue flame on her head and gets fired up. Eh? ...That's not funny either? Okay then.

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