Marie is an often wandering Meowstic who was born in Kalos and has been around for a long time. Her ability is Competitive.

Personality Edit

Like most Meowstic, Marie tends to come off as stoic. However, she isn't willing to back down from a fight...unless she figures the fight to be a threat to her kittens.


Early LifeEdit

A Happy LifeEdit

Marie was born and raised in Kalos, you know that much already. After she reached adulthood, she got with a Buizel named Morgan and they moved into a house which was conveniently out of reach from any human. Their relationship was, for the most part, emotionally fulfilling. In 110 Before Extinction, Marie got pregnant with three kittens, and late into the pregnancy she even had Morgan's face painted onto her belly so that she could forever remember this moment.

An Unrelenting DesireEdit

Despite living a life of emotional contentedness, Marie felt an uncontrollable urge to see the world outside of Kalos, but she was also afraid of unwittingly abandoning her kittens along the way. Night after night, this internal conflict kept eating away at Marie, until eventually she couldn't take it anymore and desperately searched for something in the house that could resolve this conflict of hers. This continued every time Morgan was asleep, away, or otherwise unable to interrupt her searches.

An Unhatched PlanEdit

During one of Marie's searches, she somehow stumbled upon a spellbook - the same spellbook that would set up her story arc. She flipped through the pages until she coincidentally found exactly what she was looking for...sort of. The spell that Marie found was an age-pausing spell, one which would also keep the user's body as it currently is until the user resumes aging. And that's when Marie hatched a plan - she would pause her aging, leave a note for Morgan, go out to see the world and learn new things, then when she returns she could resume her aging and share her stories of her experiences. She of course tore out those particular pages from the spellbook should she not be able to return.

A Prolonged PartingEdit

But alas, there was one thing constantly getting in the way of Marie and a happy reunion, and that thing was the fact that the world was constantly changing. This eventually led to her outliving Morgan. Heartbroken, Marie continued to wander the world for the next eight hundred years, until she encountered a group of non-hostile Pokémon in Pyrite town. How Marie went to Orre and survived is anyone's guess.

Since Introduction to the SaD crewEdit

The group of Pokémon - which included Swallow, Mursa, and a couple others - led Marie onto a boat which could get them out of there. On the boat, Marie revealed what she'd remembered about her past and that the one place she hasn't been to was the Battle Frontier in Hoenn, something she said as if she could wander the world for eight hundred years and manage to not go to a particular place once.

The Battle FrontierEdit

But first, the group went to Canalave, where Marie picked up a male Meowstic named Jalus. And then those two traveled to the Hoenn Battle Frontier. There, they came across a Granbull named Big Bull, but she didn't join the group. The nature of the Battle Frontier turned out to be roughly the same as it had been roughly eight hundred years ago - folks enter to prove their capability in battle...only with no humans around anymore, all the competitors and the Frontier Brains themselves were Pokémon.

The first Battle Facility these two took on was the Battle Dome, wherein Marie kicked the ass of a Drapion named Drake - much to the latter's chagrin - and Jalus got his ass handed to him and had is ass hauled back to Canalave. Marie wound up creating another "party", for lack of a better word, which consisted of herself, Drake, a Scrafty named Noodles, a Mienfoo named Zoya, and a couple of others who would drop in and out at certain intervals. While the group usually did well, they flubbed the mission at the Battle Palace and couldn't get higher than a Lead Symbol from Spencer the Slaking.

Parlez-vous Kalosien?Edit

After the deal with the Battle Frontier event, the group headed to Kalos, where Marie had to settle something with the ghost of her dead mate. They patched things up and lived happily ever what I want to say. But alas, things didn't really go as well as expected. Morgan was actually crying over someone called Myrtle who had recently moved on, and he lashed out at Marie the moment he saw her. He kept putting her down more and more until Marie couldn't take it any longer and used a Dark Pulse to blast the angry bastard of a ghost out of existence, and chances are another ghost was there to see the events that took place and spread the word to a certain pair of ghosts in Eterna Forest. She unfortunately forgot to take with her the rest of the spellbook from which she tore the pages she had with her. On their way back to the boat at Coumarine, the group arrived at Lumiose, where Marie bought some new clothes for herself and the others; it turned out that she was able to get super rich over the course of the eight hundred years.

But before they could go back to Sinnoh, the group had to go to Noodles's home in Haruba Village in Almia. There, they went to the Hippowdon Temple and ate some Enigma Berries during a meteor shower, which gave Marie nightmares about Morgan. She returned to Noodles's home and stayed there which means she missed out on some crazy shit going on at the temple.

Another Happy UnionEdit

After what went on in Almia, the group headed to Sinnoh again. There, Noodles and Zoya parted ways from Marie. So did Drake, but he went elsewhere. Marie met up with a blind Lucario named Koji, whom she fell for. They made their way to Hearthome to check out Amity Square because of word about that place being great for raising children at. After checking it out, Koji elected to build a house there. Marie and Koji got married, a ceremony for which they invited any of Marie's descendants who were at Kalos...and the fairy dog family who was already staying at Hearthome for the time being.

Afterward, Marie and Koji looked for a bunch of Tamato Berries, the juice of which was necessary for Marie to resume her aging. As soon as they got the necessary ingredients, Marie drew the required rune, apparently called the X rune, into the floor, and...was made to fall asleep and trapped in a nightmare by a Gengar named Serif, who was lingering outside of the hotel and totally not an Undertale reference, I swear. Koji managed to knock Serif out of existence, leading Serif to call for Myrtle - who wasn't even there - and another Ghost who happened to saw the events that just took place to report to the Old Chateau. However, Koji suffered injuries as a result. Upon returning to the hotel room, Marie wanted to wait for Koji to recover, but for some reason Koji told Marie to hurry up and resume aging, so she did.

An Unhappy DepartureEdit

Marie waited a few days for her water to break...but she started to question whether she actually loved Koji or was just in love with the idea of finally being ready to raise her kittens. She would have told Koji immediately...but then someone at the hotel alerted her that a bunch of Pokémon were about to arrive to kill the Absol that were there, and that anyone who wants to evacuate was to do so immediately. Marie packed up her stuff, and told Koji how she felt in a way that would've been more heartfelt if not for what was going on at the time. Marie soon after left the hotel and headed south. She thought she had made it to Blackthorn City until further notice, or until something happens that only the narrator(s) could know about, and she could've sworn that she had paused her aging before leaving Hearthome...


Marie's psychic powers are similar to those of most Meowstic, though you probably already knew that.

The age-pausing spell that Marie put herself under had its limits. While she couldn't die from old age, she could still die from starvation, suffocation, drowning, fatal injuries, or terminal illnesses. And until she resumed aging, she wouldn't be able to come close to giving birth to her kittens.

Marie is also a pretty decent swimmer, not that that's relevant.

In BattleEdit

Despite her appearance and having been weighed down by her pregnancy, Marie's fighting style is more comparable to that of a fighter or ranger than a tank or healer.


Move Effect
Power-Up Punch Marie clocks the target hard enough to temporarily boost her physical power...while also triggering what she assumes to be a Braxton-Hicks in the process.
Calm Mind Marie calms herself down to increase both the power of her techniques and her defense against others' techniques, but the fact that she can calm down after all these decades is amazing in itself.
Attract Marie attempts to make the target in love with her, but the attempt will likely fail if the target either prefers men. It can also fail if the target isn't that into pregnant chicks.
Role Play Marie roleplays as the target to temporarily copy their Ability. No, not that roleplay. Not that roleplay either.
Heal Bell Put simply, Marie cures herself and all allies of status conditions...except those behind Substitutes, who retain said conditions.
Thunderbolt Despite the name, Marie actually shoots a bolt of lightning at the target. Said target can expect a shocking experience.
Dark Pulse Marie lets out a wave of dark energy at the target. Great for halting pursuers and blasting Ghosts out of existence.
Signal Beam Marie shoots a beam of light at the target. Whether it can be used as an actual signal has yet to be revealed.