History Edit

Pre Hatching Edit

Mursa's history begins with a lot of personal loss and sadness. Born to Mabel and Cephius, her life was fraught with danger since before the time fur could shine on her skin, yes, indeed it was a dangerous world for Absol, and in this world, two were fighting tooth and nail for the safety of their offspring, Cephius stashed the egg in the hollow of a tree by a river, never to return as he rejoined the fight Mabel had been in. Mabel was left unknowing of exactly where the egg had been, thus once the furious fighting had ceased, the egg was thought lost to the fanatics.

As fate would have it in an upturn, a recently mothered Eevee would happen upon Mursa's egg hidden in the bough of the tree, the Eevee revealed as Voltali would race down to his own mother to tell her about what he'd found, Maple, being the quiet, caring Mon she was, would in turn take in the egg. Awaiting the hatching, Voltali was enraptured by the thing, as he'd never seen something like that aside of his own.

Post Hatching Edit

The egg soon hatched, revealing a blind baby Absol, the ball of fluff searching for warmth and security, blindly stumbled towards the closest voice, that being Voltali, after getting closely acquainted with the youngling, Maple, in bemusement over Voltali's reaction, would pull away the cub to nestle up to her belly. Mursa was far too young to remember many of these moments, but the imprints they left behind showed later on.

Young Life Edit

The adolescence of the Absol was irreparably marred by their adoptive mothers inexplicable parting a few years down the road. Unknowingly to Mursa, Voltali had borne witness to just what had happened to her. Sensing a need to move on, this began the duo's time on the road, a formative period, Mursa learned some of the craftiness needed to survive from day to day, both from learning from their older brother to picking it up from passing vagrants. Eventually they settled down towards the quietly bustling town of 'New' Mauville. Quickly realizing they'd needed a small, secure home for themselves to live in.

A temporary respite Edit

This home they chose to live in turned to be little more than a random assortment of cardboard boxes slotted together with light scavenged tarpaper, but it did work until the rainy season rolled in, afterwards it would become little more than mush. To combat this, Mursa and Voltali upped the ante by adding wooden boxes as well as pallots to supplement their homes, thus, they were finally able to establish a small, more permanent home.

Food, who needs it? Edit

Mursa and Voltali, quickly running out of food, took to 'borrowing' items they needed for food from others, becoming quite adept along the way at the art of stealing whatever food they needed to keep their bellies from getting too empty.

Evolution of a situation? Edit

As fate would have it, Mursa -in their kleptomaniac ways- found an item to fix upon and turn green with envy. Each day Mursa would attempt to drag Voltali away from their shack to go look at it once they had filled their bellies for the day and avoided those who'd attempt to drag them to more metropolitan areas in Hoenn. This culmonates in Mursa eventually taking the mysterious item and stashing it in their small ramshackle hut alongside their other ill gotten gains. Voltali, being immediately curious and suspicious of their siblings actions, would take their turn to investigate once Mursa had fallen asleep that following night. Upon fishing it out, the Eevee would find the green, opaque stone embossed with a yellow thunderbolt along the inside of it. Finally Volts, understanding Mursa's obsession over the stone would begin growing a tad possessive of it, nay, overprotective. A fact that would drive Mursa mad with anger, to eventually pelt the stone at the Eevee's face with enough force to simultaneously knock them out and trigger the evolution that would cause Voltali to become the lovable bastard he is now. Mursa felt immediate regret for their weakness, rushing over to console and try to help the Jolteon through his growing pains, risking their own skin to do so. Evolution energy being its potent self they'd get a sunburn on their face, as well as eyes due to the intense luminosity of the energy. While Voltali was knocked out Mursa endured a brief, intense flash of remorse over irreversibly altering their brother in arms.

A new hope Edit

After many humorous moments, as well as being temporarily evicted from their classic home in the tarpaper shack the odd duo moved into a misused dumpster within the same town. There, they learned that metal was conductive, as well as the fact that Voltali was honestly shit at controlling his new abilities, that aside, however, they settled into their typical routine once more -Though not without realizing one small problem- Voltali's now insatiable appetite nearly eating them out of house and home. A timely savior did arrive to save the pair in time before they would turn on one another for food, a motherly Floatzel with a can short of a six pack

Personality Edit Edit

Mursa's general personality is one of a cautious cool attitude towards those she meets and becomes acquaintances with, though if given proper circumstances she may skip over this, becoming more comfortable around them, one constant around such new people however is using their androgynous voice as efficiently as possible to try and keep the heat off of them, obscuring their true gender, as they'd been taught to obscure their true gender as much as possible, often throwing the heat off by acting opressively male. Once the walls are down one will find a caring lass that wishes the best for both her friends and her mate, even if sometimes that comes at a cost to themselves. Their emotions can get away from them at times, leading to no small amount of grief between her and Voltali over a myriad of subjects, from mundane to life threatening. They have growing up to do, as they prove to be immature at times still.

Fighting Style Edit Edit

Moveset Edit Edit

Move Effect
Flamethrower A wrathful flamethrower burns out from Mursa's maw as she burns everything she can reach with its flames, can be used to hastily make the ground too hot to walk on, as well as cook food if on low heat
Thunderbolt Scalding plasma beam of electricity, don't touch if you value your pubic hair, it will literally blow all of it off. Can be combined with Volts and others to make an even better attack
Ice Beam A frigid ray of ice, used for taking down flying targets, benign use is freezing up food
Play Rough An embarrassing move for Mursa to learn, involves pressure points as well as fondling the enemy to make their weak points exposed and exploited
Zen Headbutt Nighty night special, hits hard, hits fast, will take a drunken belligerent Luxray down in..3-4 hits
Swords Dance Aetheral swords form around Mursa as their reflexes heighten, allowing them to hit weak points easier
Hyper Beam Terrible to use, terrible on user, ill trained, Mursa only has a snowballs chance in hell of properly using this move correctly, the alternative is ending up a smoking ball of grimly injured Absol
Perish Song A terrible terrifying song for the Absol to sing when the situation grows dire, will mess up all that hear it, save those who adequately pad their ears over. Used very sparingly. Terrible things are sure to happen when the song was broken out

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