Orre is one of the regions of the SaD world. It is notorious for it's booming slave-trading business, and has been the place where brutality reigns supreme.

Orrean characters in SaD include Sunny, Tiamat, Pinke, Sarabi, Izuru and Deirdre.

Major Events Edit

Destruction of Pyrite City Edit

Some time before the arrival of Pinke's recovery mission, a mysteriously enraged Camerupt began running amok through the streets of the bustling city, destroying any escape routes for most of it's denizens. The result was the complete devastation of the city; it's decimated state permanently preserved by the lack of reliable entrances.

Pinke's recovery team was forced to enter the ruins in search of Tiamat, and though (thankfully) they didn't find her, they did find enough to sate any bloodlust they had for quite a while.

Destruction of Phenac City Edit

In a strange twist of fate, soon after the arrival of Pinke's recovery team, Phenac City underwent a similar death to Pyrite City; however, while the cause of Pyrite's destruction is mostly unknown, Izuru was directly responsible for enraging the Camerupt that would come to lay Phenac to it's knees.

Conveniently, this allowed Sunny, who was about to be traded into slavery at auction, a bid for freedom, and she and the rest of the recovery team were able to escape under the veil of chaos.

Conflict on Mt. Battle Edit

Though it is known something major happened here, the details are fuzzy; none of the known survivors have elected to talk about it.

Plot Events Edit

Bridge Collapse Edit

While Pinke's recovery team was crossing a bridge over a major river in East Orre, Swallow became stuck in a broken slat, and eventually fell through the bridge. In a knee-jerk decision, his mate Mint followed him, nearly causing the both of them to drown. They were saved by Mursa and Voltali.

Mint's actions had devastating consequences; the fall broke the embryo of the egg she was carrying, and when she birthed it a few days later and found out, she was devastated. The conflict that arose as a result ended in Mint and Swallow nearly dying, and caused a majority of the team, excepting Wes, to withdraw early.

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