Patrick T. Cake VI is a Slurpuff who lives in Goldenrod City, Johto. His Ability is Unburden.

Personality Edit

Patrick is reasonably intelligent, willing to help others, and loves sweets.


Early LifeEdit

Patrick was born in Ecruteak City in Winter, 700 AE, where he lived a simple life with his ma and pa. When he reached adulthood, he moved out to start a local business in Goldenrod City, which was conveniently close enough that he could still contact them with little trouble, as if he needed to visit them every week.

Since Introduction to the SaD crewEdit

Patrick was minding his own business . And from that moment, they felt a feeling that could only be described as love, I say as if I thought you might interpret said feeling any other way. They spent a lot of time together baking goods and chasing thrills. Eventually Patrick saw himself bearing Big Bull's puppies, a hope which would soon be dashed when Big Bull herself got pregnant with fraternal twins.

Just when Patrick thought things might calm down a bit, Big Bull's pregnancy didn't hinder her thrill-seeking urges. She and Patrick even climbed Mt. Silver together, though along with other times they had together, their recounting of this time is different from one another's. According to Patrick, he climbed alongside Big Bull, but Big Bull claims that she had Patrick ride upon her back, adding additional weight on top of what she was already carrying.

The two stayed at the Old Chateau in the Eterna Forest for a while, during which Big Bull caught herself going into labor. Patrick immediately stressed out only for Big Bull to pick him up and rush into the bathroom where she would give birth to Sugar and Spice.

Later on, Big Bull brought the family to the Hoenn Battle Frontier to test their battling capabilities. Despite Patrick's best efforts, his non-combatative nature meant he couldn't win so much as one Frontier Symbol for the family. He and Big Bull thought it would be a good idea to go vacationing at Floaroma town...until Sugar and Spice started arguing over whether sweets or meat is more important. Patrick decided to settle the argument with a bet - he would go a year without eating sweets, and Big Bull would go a year without eating meat. The bet went about as well as a hydrogen-inflated dirigible, and eventually Patrick won the bet when Big Bull caved at the hotel in Hearthome City.

Upon hearing that there was going to be an attack on the hotel, Big Bull grabbed Patrick, Sugar, Spice, their stuff, and ran back to Goldenrod like a little bitch, presumably to resume work at the bakery.


Patrick has knowledge on the necessary ingredients for every part a cake, up to and including, but not limited to, the icing on the cake.

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