Raizel is a Simisage hailing from the remnants of Virbank City. Her brash attitude and frightening lack of morality while fighting has her nicknamed 'The Bloody Rose'. Her Ability is Overgrow.

History Edit

Born on Virbank's outskirts, Raizel is absolutely no stranger to trouble. Raizel was born in a shitty environment, and it's all she really knows. Her mother went missing at an early age after her father caught her sleeping with another Mon. The resulting sister of hers hasn't been seen as her mother took her away to better pastures.

Being that she grew up with a bad father, Raizel was always rebellious and hanging out with the more shittier groups. She was taught how to fight dirty and how to steal for herself. While not on the level of Castelians, Raizel does know how to properly kick some ass using her refined and brutal techniques. She was found randomly by Bethany surfing, and was introduced to Angie later. The three became fast friends.

Personality Edit

Raizel is a snide bitch who takes pride in being from somewhere awful and broken, claiming it gives her strength. Raizel is an energetic sort who always wants more out of life, keeping a smile and a bombastic attitude. Inside is a bitter girl who never properly had a chance to rely on someone but her friends. Slightly misanthropic, Raizel is hard to approach unless you crack her outer shell. Despite all her jive-talking, she's not cocky. She knows when to run and when to fight.

After befriending her, she won't stop talking to you about...well, anything. Battle, the flowers, even the weather. Her loneliness is palpable and easily visible. When enraged, she stops holding everything back, and it takes some serious begging to get her to stop flaying someone with her vine tricks. She likes to play the guitar to pass the time until something major happens.

Fighting Style Edit

Raizel is the most versatile out of the three and it SHOWS. Her entire moveset can be applied in so many different ways that it's hard to even talk about where to start. Rather than rely on one thing like her other Simifriends, she handles physical and special moves all at once. Her fighting style involves creative usage of her element and her moves at the same time, leading to scary situations where the opponent might end up getting way more than they bargained for. Outside of that, she prefers spiky or sharp objects to rake across the opponent's skin to make them bleed faster. She can attack with her guitar to...minimal effect. To her, it's pretty fun though.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Vine Whip You laugh now, but soon you'll see how scary having at least 4 extra arms is. Her best utility move, Raizel will use this to a frightening effect to really put the hurting on the opponent and usage for everyday life.
Seed Bomb An explosive that is meant for attacking and trapping. A very shady move, and one Raizel will enjoy using to evil effect as she can make flails using Vine Whip and Seed Bomb together.
Grasswhistle Raizel plays a gentle melody her mom used to put her to sleep with when she couldn't go to bed. It's quite effective... Perhaps, too effective...
Bullet Seed Using her hands, feet, tail, head, or mouth, Raizel can and will let loose a barrage of seeds at the opponent. It's said that Raizel has a technique with this move that involves Vine Whip...
Rock Tomb Angie teaches her the importance of letting the opponent 'eat shit', as it were. Those pesky Flying or Fire types bow before this move.
Synthesis Unlike the other two, Raizel can recover her HP on command using Synthesis. Although it varies with the weather, it's still enough to keep her healthy.
Magical Leaf NO RUNNING
Power-Up Punch Handy for both dealing damage and increasing attack. Ruins plans, destroys lives.

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