Roxana is some kind of fucking imp from Hell itself. Her Ability is Blaze....maybe?

History Edit

Roxana was born as experiment fodder for her bugfuck insane folks. With the power of living creatures, Roxana's parents attempted to tame what was known only as 'Infinity Energy'. They have not succeeded once. They still are trying to this day. Roxana had escaped as a Fennekin after her mother left the cage door open. She got out and fled to safety, after having freed some other siblings as a distraction.

Roxana's childhood was warped. She doesn't act like normal people, nor does she care to. Her personality came out of the experience as an anti-social, but cheery person. She has little to no morality, though she does recognize right and wrong. Roxana doesn't care about her origins, preferring to focus on her own devices and live a life of solitude and forging new pathways to make her life more luxurious. Her history with her parents has caused her to take up making inventions such as high-quality medicine or elemental concoctions using gems and an empty bottle. She currently rules Galactic's Veilstone Building with an iron fist.

Personality Edit

Roxana has a few screws loose, partially due to her parents' genetics and her own moral compass. She's affable, but easily irritated. Her insanity is minor but still visible. She's adventurous to a degree. She usually prefers staying away from people because 'they piss her off'. It's incredibly hard to befriend Roxana, despite her bombastic and upbeat nature. Her more serious side has a heavy amount of self-introspection as well as a philosophical vibe to it. She hates talking about her old life, but she is not adverse to it.

She likes to keep to herself, mixing potions and brews as well as forcefully keeping hypnotized people to do her dirty work. She's quite like her folks, but she knows when to stop... Lest she become nothing more than a psychopath. It takes a lot to make Roxana seriously angry. When she is enraged, her emotions seem to disappear completely. She wastes no time in walking away or burning the opponent wordlessly. However, there are only a few things that genuinely make her sad. The first is being lied to about real friendship after months of bonding. The second is telling her that 'she was hurt, and that's not ok' until she starts cracking. The third is having her spirits broken by breaking her things to pieces.

Fighting Style Edit

Roxana spares no expense to make sure she keeps herself in working order. Roxana is more of a support character and she makes very sure to not go knocking on trouble's door unless she's sure she can handle it. Using her moves, she keeps herself intact and turns enemies against each other with Hypnosis. Roxana is still deadly despite this, and will not hesitate to make your spirit into mush. Her blitzkrieg of fire, psychic, and varying support moves she can fight for a very, VERY long time. Her crafting ability is second to none, and frequently employs her creations into the fight.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Hypnosis Using the power of hypnotic suggestion, Roxana can start telling the opponents to go to sleep, or start attacking their friends. She can also issue other commands as well...
Wish A swift prayer causes Roxana to pray to the heavens above for support. It seems to keep working, so she doesn't stop. Her health is restored after a turn from its usage.
Psychic A strong blast of telekinetic force. Can be used to immense effect to carry things and objects one would find imposing or dangerous.
Shock Wave Roxana lets loose a blast of electricity that will always follow the foe. She uses this to power her generator and keep it running. It can also be used to attack people.
Heat Wave Roxana makes sure the opposing group will get a nasty taste of heat and burning time.
Fire Blast Roxana defaults to this move for battle unless it's against another Fire Type or something not very effective on it. She intends to burn the opponent alive, and doesn't hesitate to use it.
Recycle A nasty trick Roxana employs is to use her freshly-made concoctions again to royally destroy the opponent with poison bottles, fire bottles, water bottles, or thunder bottles.
Foul Play Roxana uses the mystical power of turning the opponent's strength against them. Careful, she knows how to use it...

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