Serran is a Male Weavile who's a timid little twerp and a very seasoned hunter/killer. His ability is Pickpocket.

History Edit

Serran is a Weavile from Alola who's barely learned to adjust himself after moving to a new place which was partially inaccessible. His brother were gifted with the Hidden Ability upon birth, which were immediately used by their nearly despotic mother to steal ingredients for their clan to use in dark rituals. While not understanding the whole of what the clan did, he knows they likely deserved what they got after kidnapping their own species. It's likely some of the more malevolent of the clan survived according to his logic...

Despite his extremely troubled past, he and his brother have made their new life work by moving together to try and find a more stable life. Serran, much to his protests, got to handle being a hunter/killer despite Kai being the more experienced of the two in, well, everything. He hasn't learned much outside of very discreet murder, kidnapping, and assassination which can definitely take someone for a very nasty surprise.

Currently, he and his brother both travel and live in a wagon that the two take turns pulling to keep their strength up. Kai runs a smithyworks and weapons refurbishing on the side, while Serran is more on putting said inventions to the test. The two have some human weapons from the past as relics and collectables, and the two also wear clothing from that era, albeit fitting their size.

Personality Edit

Serran is a very nervous, timid sort who's also quite emotional at times. Despite being the more active of the two brothers, he's constantly seen fit to try and weasel his way out of it in order to avoid trying to hurt the more innocent hunts. Serran is humble and quite polite. He will always try to at least listen to what other parties have to say before talking about what he thinks. Albeit very reserved and intentionally slinking back away from people, he can put his foot down and defend something important to him when the time calls for it. Serran also likes to cry when he's alone or in the wagon with his brother over various things. A lot. His timidity mostly comes from his mother being electrocuted heavily in front of his eyes which left significant mental scarring. While not being afraid of electricity itself, hearing electrical-caused pain will almost always cause him to flee.

It's merely rumored that Serran's temper is like witnessing a silent demon. His eyes get neutral and narrowed and he looks genuinely icy calm. Kai's only seen him like that once, and he never wants to see the results from it again. Despite all this, Serran is actually somewhat social, and talks to people to try and pass the time. He is adept at making small shelters to read and wait in while passing the time on hunts. He's actually thinking of slightly remodeling the wagon so he sleeps in a stall-like area with a closable door and some airholes since he feels more at ease with them.

Fighting Style Edit

Serran is actually quite versatile in his actions to try and take a life. Punches, kicks, knives, arrows, even guns or rope if he gets his hands on them, all are his weapon and he can use them effectively. While not overly focused on a single thing, his ice knowledge is above-average and he can use it to the best of his advantage to wall out enemy attacks and keep himself going during long battles. Consistent, persistent, and filled with determination, that's how he fights.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Ice Shard One of the bread and butter moves of how Serran fights, he uses this constantly to hunt and plant traps involving deadly ice needles to pierce the opponent and make them lose themselves due to fear.
Night Slash Canonical lightsaber provides an interesting insight. Of course, it's easy to flood his claws with dark energy, or even his hands and feet to punch with elemental power.
Swords Dance Stat-boosting move. If you're particularly unlucky, those hypothetical swords may just be real...
Metal Claw Do you know how much this can rend flesh? It's not a pretty sight...
Low Sweep Serran attacks the targets legs with an extremely fierce kick to knock put the opponent's mobility.
Throat Chop Using either his claws, whole arm, his legs and feet, or his toeclaws, Serran proceeds to deliver a chop so that his victim can't even scream for help.
Dig Can be used or a quick escape or a really nasty move where he can spring up and take someone out with a surprise attack.
Foul Play Just try and raise your stats, fool. See what happens.

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