Sinnoh is a region in the SaD world, along with Johto, Kanto, Orre, Unova, Hoenn and Kalos. Sinnoh is, generally, known to be a peaceful land free of war and strife, and has earned a reputation among less fortunate areas as an almost heavenly place. Its rich ecology makes it a home to all, and many have flocked to its cities and towns.

Sinnoh is home to most of the main characters of SaD; however, only a few, such as Mint, are native.

Major EventsEdit

Yveltal Encounter on Coronet - Late Spring 722 AEEdit

After collecting all three of the End Tomes scattered across the world, Mursa, Voltali, and the rest of their gang set out to Mt. Coronet, where Swallow called upon Yveltal with a song; the legendary bird descended from the heavens under heavy fire, where he quickly turned and attempted to flee. However, a well-placed Toxic Orb brought him down, and to save himself he explained that the three tomes, when brought together, would have summoned the Regi Trio, spelling an end to the world, and that killing him would have equally bad consequences.

Yveltal was allowed to transfer the tomes to the Distortion World, where they remain, while he left to heal his wounds.

Battle of Hearthome - Fall 723 AEEdit

[????], a cult dedicated to the extermination of all Absols, got word that Mabel, known to them as "White Death," and Mursa, the last two Absols known, were stationed in a hotel in Hearthome City. Quickly, plans were formulated to make a last offense to eliminate them.

However, due to a combination of the death of Forgemaster Ignus, their lead blacksmith, an unexpected swelling of numbers on Mursa's side, and the successful interrogation of one of their spies, [????] was forced to rush the hotel underequipped and unprepared, where they were summarily defeated- though not without cost. Mursa, Mabel, and Voltali were left gravely injured, and the hotel and it's surroundings were left in shambles.

The effects of the Battle of Hearthome on the city populace are yet to be seen, though it is likely they are quite substantial.

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