Spice Cake is a Snubbul who lives in Goldenrod City, Johto. Her Ability is Intimidate.

Personality Edit

Spice is pugnacious and prefers learning paws-on. She's also rather stubborn, and ignores all of her brother's commands as well as some of her parents' orders.


Spice was born of Patrick T. Cake VI and Bebe "Big Bull" Cake in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest, in Summer 722 AE, roughly two hours after her brother Sugar was born. A few months after the family left the Old Chateau, Spice returned with her brother to clean up the mess their parents had made, some of which they claim "tastes like strawberry jelly".

Later on, Big Bull brought the family to the Hoenn Battle Frontier to test their battling capabilities, but despite Spice's best efforts, she had no battle expereince so she couldn't win so much as one Frontier Symbol for the family. Spice's parents thought it would be a good idea to go vacationing at Floaroma town...until Spice started arguing with Sugar over whether sweets or meat is more important. No matter what, Spice insisted that meat was more important. Patrick decided to settle the argument with a bet - he would go a year without eating sweets, and Big Bull would go a year without eating meat. Of course, Spice would bet on Big Bull losing, and the bet ended in Spice's favor when Big Bull caved at the hotel in Hearthome City.

Upon hearing that there was going to be an attack on the hotel, Big Bull grabbed Patrick, Sugar, Spice, their stuff, and ran back to Goldenrod like a little bitch, presumably to start planning their next trip.


While most of Spice's capabilities are currently unknown, she and Sugar a higher tolerance for cold climates and a lower tolerance for warm climates than most Snubbull.

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