Swallow is a gruff Luxray from Castelia City, Unova.

Personality Edit

Swallow has a generally sarcastic, sometimes toxic demeanor, and is incredibly quick-tempered. He has a deep-seeded disgust for anything he can feasibly call a "gang," and will throw himself at ridiculous odds to get a chance to tear them apart himself.

However, he has shown to be immensely vulnerable when prodded at the right spots, and can often become submissive and uncharacteristically trusting of those who earn his affection. This can and has gotten in the way of his other goals.

Early Life Edit

Being born in Castelia City, possibly one of the worst places to live besides Orre, meant that Swallow didn't keep his parents for long; for the most part, he was forced to raise himself.

He ardently refused to make deals with the local gangs, and often terrorized and tortured them of his own accord. This is most of what he remembers of his early life; doing battle with the gangs of the area.

Life with the SaD crew Edit

Escaping Castelia Edit

In 723 AE Swallow happened upon Wes and Mint, who had been sent out to recover one of the End Tomes from a temple north of Castelia. Wes had inadvertantly stepped on a tripmine, and though he usually showed no mercy for anyone who would do so, he saved Wes from the mine, sensing he was a foreigner and not affiliated with any sort of gang. He offered Wes and Mint a way out of the city, with the ulterior motive of getting out himself.

After some scuffles with local gangs, Swallow joined the two on their quest for the tome, where his knowledge of traps and his small stockpile of explosives and paraphernalia proved useful.

Battle Edit

In battle, Swallow tends to favor using traps and ambush tactics; as such, he is ill-equipped for any sort of "formal" battle, which showed during the Battle of Hearthome, where he found himself scrabbling to keep up with the chaos; however, when he has control of the situation, he can prove to be both endlessly brutal and surprisingly adaptable.

This is especially apparent when he's fighting anything he could call a "gangster;" he often overcompensates, even going so far as to tear and eat the heads of his enemies.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect
Superpower Swallow coils up before leaping in a chosen direction at blinding speed.

His supercharged muscles accelerate him to incredible speeds in miniscule distances, turning his considerable mass into a devastating weapon of it's own.

Each time he uses this move, his muscles become deprived of oxygen, halving their effectiveness and causing him severe soreness.

Thunder Fang Swallow charges his teeth with high-voltage electricity, allowing him to shock and potentially paralyze anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in his jaws.

This move can cause painful arcs of electricity to snap between his teeth if he leaves air between them; as such, he doesn't use it often.

Ice Fang Swallow's teeth chill to the point where the saliva itself freezes; this can cause devastating frostbite on victims, or freeze important organs.

This is his preferred close-combat move, as it numbs his teeth, unlike Thunder Fang.

Toxic Swallow gushes a strong neurotoxin from his jaws, causing assured death to anyone without an antidote.
Wild Charge Swallow charges forwards, arcing electricity. The shocks hurt him as well, so he uses this move sparingly.

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