The Under is, or rather, was, the crime-filled heart of Pyrite Town. It was an underground city from which the town's black market center operated and from where a plethora of gangs struggled for control of the surface. The Under caved in on itself beneath the very quake that destroyed Pyrite Town, though it is said to have fared far, far worse. Its residents, with no way to the surface, were said to have been trapped in the city for weeks before finally collapsing of hunger, or choking in the dusty air. Though only rubble remains of Pyrite Town, The Under's rusty elevator entrance is still intact and functioning, giving path to the daring few who would to go down into the depths of the ruins, as Pinke's group did. What is left to see, however, are only the crooked beams which once held the cave city from collapse, and the yawning abyss within. Those who dare to venture back in face the risk of the city caving in once and for all.

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