Early LifeEdit


Voltali was the pure son of an eevee mother and Jolteon father, the former was maimed by a pack of savages and the latter has not been seen since his conception. His egg, however, was accompanied by another, one that was signifigantly larger and not of his species, this egg held inside it his future mate for life, Mursa. He was a feisty little thing, always trouble, always looking to get into what he wasn't supposed to, and this would set a precedent for the rest of his life. Unfortunately he had seen what happened to his own mother, which prompted him to take Mursa and run away to see the vast region of Hoenn with her and her alone, causing trouble and bringing the ruckus wherever they stepped foot

Middle years

Voltali pre-evolved was your typical trouble-maker, he and Mursa running around the towns of Hoenn trying to cut a piece of the world off for themselves, they were seen as common street dredge by most, not even worth tossing half a berry at, and thus they stayed in a cardboard fort hidden away in a god-forsaken alley, this fort would be upgraded over the next few years, but the premise stayed the same. They'd sneak out during twilight to raid the leftovers of some of the more to-do restaraunts around the town of rustboro, snagging everything they could to eat like the kings and queens of nothing they were. the fort would be destroyed by rain and wind, and they soon caught on how to reinforce it with wodden pallets and other items the workers around the area threw away. Voltali also learned he had a penchant for back talk, honing his skills by verbally assailing any that dared comment on either his or Mursa's social status in the world; and while this would no doubt have been the source of most of their woes during these formative times, he saw it as a duty he had to perform to keep the both of them safe, if they hear how loud your bark is it doesn't matter how hard you bite, they wouldn't want to find out anyways


Regarding his evolution, his story has pretty much stayed the same, with little exaggerations here and there to spice it up. His apptitude for being a raucous fool would get the best of him. When Mursa was out and about she'd stumble across a thunderstone being kept at one of the nearby stalls, very rare due to the time this takes place, the abundance of them diminishing as mining ground to a halt. She seemed to be fascinated with the thing, and once Voltali found out he, too, became enthralled by the shiny stone with a thunderbolt ever so lightly pulsing inside of it. He'd want to see, and he'd pester and pester, and despite Mursa's best efforts to keep calm about the situation, everyone can have a short fuse, even those seen as the rocks with which we ground ourselves to the world. She'd had enough of his foolery and decided enough was enough, winding back her paw and chucking the stone at Voltali, clocking him right in the forehead, an act he'd swear up and down he'd feel a small indent on his forehead because of. as the natural order of things took place he'd have been enveloped in a bright, white light.

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